Week Twenty three ~ Self Existent ~

I have acquired some new habits which will be mine for the rest of my life.  Through these new habits I have learned “the secret” of habit.  They make or break us.

“Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.”  ~ Benjamin Franklin

Everything vibrates, energy is transformed and cannot be destroyed.  Our habits are the energy that dances between what are  Eternal Principals and what we value.

So recognizing our personal pivotal values and aligning them with Principals will eventually make clear what behaviors will bring us happiness.  Making those behaviors fit easily into a routine will bring us harmony.

All causes are invisible, they are thoughts, they are the Spiritual.  All effects are visible, they are the material, the manifest.

Bottom line: Good habits make life easier, bad ones make life harder. Our subconscious mind will determine our habits until we DECIDE to live CONSCIOUSLY.

To look at the outside from within, we are a soul with a body meant to serve it.  Only God is self existent.

Thank You, thank You, thank You.

Week Twenty-Two ~ Realizing Harmony

Spring follows winter, day follows night, the weeks and months never fail to come as expected.  Children get older, grand babies are born, divorces happen, marriages happen, funerals happen and it all happens over and over again.

The Great Law, immutable in midst of unceasing changes, immovable in midst of eternal motion.  We align with It or break ourselves against It.

I believe we exist to make the most of ourselves, to render our best to God and Humankind alike. That requires a rising above all that will happen anyway, and carry on with “right thinking” so that we get closer and closer to our perfect Higher Self. Cause and Effect is constantly happening since the same Law works everywhere all the time. Causes are invisible, effects are visible.

I believe I rest my will and be an open channel so that the will of my Higher Self, which is part of The One Eternal Soul be done.

All that comes to me is for my good. What do I learn? Thank You, thank You, thank You. Mine is an inspired life. I dare and do. I am harmonious.

Life is manifesting, life is unfolding… harmoniously.

Week Twenty one ~ Life by The Great Law

Life,  Mind, Truth, Love, Spirit is All in All.  This is the Universal Mind.  Available to All who are willing to make the  conscious effort to connect to it.

The same Law governs always everything, everywhere, in the same way, from the greatest to the smallest.  Makes it simple, doesn’t it?

Everything vibrates.  Explains how our thoughts manifest whether we intend them to or not.

These three are the Laws of the Absolute.  The only ones Immutable.

Sometimes all we have to do is be an open channel for The Great Law to work through. Sometimes big changes happen  to accommodate Harmony .  Harmoniously people can gravitate in and gravitate out.  Sometimes things work out and we don’t even notice how until after.

What I do now, as I go through my days, is recognize that by The Great Law,  all that comes to me is for my good, what do I learn? Mine is an Inspired Life.  I just can not help it, I am so happy and so thankful.

Week Twenty ~Vibrating Higher and Higher..

As time goes by, I am knowing success to be the unfoldment of my Four Dimensional Higher Self.  Four dimensional meaning visions of events in time, in my short term future come to me. It’s the self who is connected to Inspiration.  The self who is governed by the Great Law and all things are possible.

I know that when I lose, sacrifice is right, and the sooner I identify my mistake the sooner I can correct it and the sooner I can put right causes in action. I don’t worry about the effects, the Great Law of Love and Harmony sees to that.

Sacrifice is right, only when I walk the wrong path. Otherwise all my thoughts and actions are an investment in Life.  Digging a hole to plant a seed is work..but if it yields a good harvest, it is an investment. Winning over my shortcomings is work.. but if it yields a satisfying harvest, it is an investment.

Being True to the real me, knowing the real me.. is my single most win. It is Harmony. I repeat this Eternal verity: By the Great Law, mine is an Inspired life. I am governed by my Higher Self.

Love, the Power of Attraction is the governing power. I must align myself. Into Thy Hands I place myself.

Thank You, thank You, thank You.

Week Nineteen ~ Security..

So now that I am securely on this Common Sense Spiritual journey and wonders abound around me, why am I experiencing frustration?  Why now, when Cause and Effect proceed with such mathematical precision, faith is a feeling of peace and knowing?

When I feel so loved I feel like I am home for the first time in my life…when peace and harmony are more plentiful than ever..

Maybe, I am acutely aware of how I can “throw good after bad.”

So that’s my challenge..so many sweet little manifestations all around and I just wish I had known this years ago.

Yes, I’ve already been through this. This is another level.

I keep my written “gratitudes and happies” on a continuing page with dates where I can see them all day long.  I have begun recognizing myself, when people are only protecting themselves or comforting themselves and not meaning to be offensive.  I have begun seeking 5 minutes of Silence here and there, in addition to my morning and routine.

So, I just remain open minded and keep observing, and let the Great Law of Attraction work.  I repeat the Eternal verity “All that comes to me is for my good” and sing thank You, thank You, thank You.

Week Eighteen ~ what we inherently are..

The Law of Growth, the Law of  Compensation, the Law of Vibration, all Laws within the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is the Truth we live. It is observable in our environment.

All of this “thought” completely places responsibility for our environment on us and the difference in our individual lives is “largely measured by the degree of [Omnipotent Intelligence] we manifest” which gives the power to adjust ourselves to our environment.

What we inherently are is the wealth that we are. Affluence within, affluence without.  By now we know that isn’t a secret.

My 22 year old daughter came by tonight and took material home with her to study.  She has been observing and picking up things from me and sharing with her younger cousin. Now, she is taking her own responsibility to learn, taking responsibility for her own building to freedom, strength and happiness.

This is one of my dreams come true..thank You, thank You, thank You..

Week Seventeen A ~ Flows through me..

Self discovery…soul searching….soul developing…

World harmonizing..

I will be on this path forever, for it is a beautiful  journey …and I will share this  with many..

I have found a beautiful, common sense Spirituality that needs no faith, just an open mind..and discipline, until it becomes a pleasure to perform. Then, it is as if it is effortless. Things just happen with an “easy knack”.  As I lay claim to my peace of mind and to my harmonious world I give others the impetus to do the same.

It is the Law of Compensation.  If I require peace of mind, I become it, and offer service to others to have their own peace of mind.  If I require a harmonious world, I become it, and offer service to others to have their own harmonious world.  “Power to him who power exerts”.  The more that I become what I desire, the more I can give so the more I have.  Simple common sense.

All that comes to us is for our good.  Welcome problems, discouragements and heartaches, if we handle them with thanksgiving we learn the lesson, we get inventive, we advance. Then they are transmuted into blessings.  Play the game,  experiment and observe.  This is provable. This is practical.  It is science.

In the Silence sublime peace, power and harmony flows through me.