Week Nineteen ~ Security..

So now that I am securely on this Common Sense Spiritual journey and wonders abound around me, why am I experiencing frustration?  Why now, when Cause and Effect proceed with such mathematical precision, faith is a feeling of peace and knowing?

When I feel so loved I feel like I am home for the first time in my life…when peace and harmony are more plentiful than ever..

Maybe, I am acutely aware of how I can “throw good after bad.”

So that’s my challenge..so many sweet little manifestations all around and I just wish I had known this years ago.

Yes, I’ve already been through this. This is another level.

I keep my written “gratitudes and happies” on a continuing page with dates where I can see them all day long.  I have begun recognizing myself, when people are only protecting themselves or comforting themselves and not meaning to be offensive.  I have begun seeking 5 minutes of Silence here and there, in addition to my morning and routine.

So, I just remain open minded and keep observing, and let the Great Law of Attraction work.  I repeat the Eternal verity “All that comes to me is for my good” and sing thank You, thank You, thank You.


4 thoughts on “Week Nineteen ~ Security..

  1. Juneta

    Great post and insightful as always.

    I have always felt the individual personal journey is a precious thing, one of wonder and blessings and different for everyone and each perspective. I value the different perspective and my life is rich because of it. Open mindedness is a precious gift we give others and the “freedom to just be” strengthing our skills of observation creating harmony.

    Faith, love, peace, harmony all these flow as we let go of opinion or judgment to “just be” practicing silence and mindfulness. I too added silence throughout my days touching universal mind giving thanks, praise and embracing life energy. I need to work on not having an opinion as it sneaks in from that old blueprint. Staying true to the new me in the face of challenge is my challenge as I grow I have found.

    Isn’t it beautiful, all the gifts of manifestation? I have observed that the more I meet the challenges, more come to me to teach me something else or reinforce what I am already learning in the journey. I am thankful for them and the growth they bring to me. It humbles me, strengthens me and awes me all at the same time.

    Your journey sounds beautiful and I am thankful for you, my beautiful, brilliant friend.
    JOY TO You! Juneta’s MKE Blog

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