Week Sixteen ~ By Design..

Or default..

The great business of life is “thinking”.

Scientific thinking, mathematically correct words, spiritual power. The highest form of architecture.  By practice of this we design our circumstances, conditions, environment and destiny.

Otherwise, we default.  Who would believe that any and all words not identified with our best interests are erroneous and or destructive?

Someone who knows to observe.

So why wouldn’t we declare that we are Nature’s greatest miracle? Why wouldn’t we consider all our problems, discouragements, and heartaches to be great opportunities in disguise?

All the Natural Laws work in solemn silence and everything appears to just happen. We, who are taking this course know better!

Love is once the the Law and it’s manifestation. It is the power of attraction for all that we ask for. A couple of new things have come into my life and the only thing I can say is they are great opportunities because everything is no matter what! I have never in my life felt so sublime, so at peace and so loved.

Thank You, thank You, thank You..


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