Press Release

It is mid morning on a mild, slightly overcast November day. I am sitting at one of four round tables on the back deck at my home. Sitting to the side of me is Isis Romero, a local news caster. She is interviewing me for her morning news show. I am surprised she is much more attractive in person.  We both have big white cups of hot herbal tea. Her teeth are as white as her cup (so are mine) and she is wearing a beige linen suit. There is a gentle breeze that is blowing across the river in my backyard,  I brush a lock of hair off my face.

She wants to know the story of how I was able to build such a large organization of successful entrepreneurs so quickly thereby bolstering the local economy of South Central Texas through the Austin~San Antonio Corridor.

I  knew this day would come, but never anticipated how proud and happy I am. I’m wearing a new dove grey linen suit and pearl ear rings. I feel like I am dressed just so perfectly. I feel beautiful.

I tell her how it started just by recognizing my own needs. That I searched around and found a few things and even tried one. I then settled on a company with a system that really just made sense for me on a very basic level.  That I could develop a business that had lasting as well as unlimited potential and the actual product offered more free time and value for the buck. Now, I feel smart!

“What’s not to love about that?” Isis asks.

“Exactly!” I say. I tell her I was someone who was responsible for a household with children and back then, also worked full time for an employer. So the product I settled on was something that made my life easier in that basic household supplies were just automatically shipped to my home for a price I would normally pay anyway so my  household budget didn’t change, so when I went shopping it was more for pleasure than necessity! I knew that I was very much the “norm” in that regard so I just attracted others like me.

“Oh, like birds of a feather?” She asks.

“Isn’t that so perfect?” I exclaim. I get so excited whenever I talk about this. I tell her the first thing I did was make sure I had skills for the type of business it was and a means to share them. Then I made sure to know what tax advantages were available and how to take advantage of them. Then I  developed a simple IRS compliant business plan that could be easily implemented by anyone. I offered a system of hands on support to the new entrepreneurs  until they felt comfortable to offer the same. I also set up workshops so that I could be more effective.  And I offered world class resources were people could go and get there own skills training so I had leverage from the get go!

“When did you know it was actually working?” Isis asks me.

This is when I get emotional and teary eyed. I am just so unbelievably grateful and oh, so satisfied! “When my entrepreneurs showed tangible signs of success, such as they bought brand new vehicles for cash!” I tell her. “One after another and it just seemed to snow ball! That was the first indication. Then they began to consult with others who also bought big ticket items for cash! That’s when my vision began to manifest.”

“Where do you see yourself going from here?” Isis asks.

I tell her “While my organization is not just local now, I plan on international expansion since much of my traveling is a tax write off and there is so much of the world to see and share with! For now I am enjoying my family and life!” I am so easy, joyful and free!