Week Seventeen ~ Aha..

Sometimes when we have a significant “aha” (for lack of a better word) moment, we remember the date as if it were a significant event.

I have experienced 2 “aha’s” during this course, so far.

The first one was when my sit became transcendent, November 10. That was when all that was familiar to me shifted for ever more.

The second one was when I realized who I really was, January 17.

Let me explain. The Color Code Personality analysis I took at the beginning of our course seemed truly like me. I am someone who’s childhood is a distant hazy memory. I know my answers were quick without much deliberation since I often decide quickly, throwing caution to the wind since if I want to “I can always self correct”. I took that test with the intention of getting it done.

I had the opportunity to attend a Color Code webinar the week before this one and being a slow processor, my realization came after several nights sleep and morning Sits.

All that comes to us is for our good.  If we are thankful for even the smallest annoyances all the way to the scariest confrontations, thankful with the will if not the emotions, we advance. Counter intuitive for sure, it is not the way of the world.

Consciously fill ourselves with love and all we that require for our good comes to us. Concentrate on harmony and life harmonizes. That is why I received the opportunity, that is why I took the opportunity. That is how life is harmonizing and balancing…for the first time…effortlessly…

In the Silence, I deliver myself into the loving arms of Universal Mind.



Week Sixteen ~ By Design..

Or default..

The great business of life is “thinking”.

Scientific thinking, mathematically correct words, spiritual power. The highest form of architecture.  By practice of this we design our circumstances, conditions, environment and destiny.

Otherwise, we default.  Who would believe that any and all words not identified with our best interests are erroneous and or destructive?

Someone who knows to observe.

So why wouldn’t we declare that we are Nature’s greatest miracle? Why wouldn’t we consider all our problems, discouragements, and heartaches to be great opportunities in disguise?

All the Natural Laws work in solemn silence and everything appears to just happen. We, who are taking this course know better!

Love is once the the Law and it’s manifestation. It is the power of attraction for all that we ask for. A couple of new things have come into my life and the only thing I can say is they are great opportunities because everything is no matter what! I have never in my life felt so sublime, so at peace and so loved.

Thank You, thank You, thank You..

Week Fifteen ~ Invincible Power

Oh, I’m a believer.

Thoughts are things, they’re endowed with bodies, breath and wings.  Especially those which are clothed in words. Words which are uttered with vitality for sure.

No telling how soon or not words crystallize on the physical plane but since I know it, I see it happening everywhere. Do you not?

We certainly better not have a heated discussion and ask for something. That something  somehow will materialize.  So we better want it!

Haanel says “The subconscious cannot reason. It takes us at our word, we have asked..we are now to receive..we have made our bed…now lie in it; the die has been cast; the threads  (ie; string theory) will carry out the pattern we have made.”

Sounds pretty serious and now I am a believer in String Theory.  I’ve been observing it happening to others as well as myself. I’ve seen in hindsight as well as a design or two carried out, more than enough to make me know accuracy with words is the making or the breaking.

Saying our DMP aloud with vitality makes sense.  All the little pieces come together eventually, little by little. How exciting!

So we must apply determined, conscious effort to concentrate on Insight, to have that accuracy with words. That being said, I’ve come up with a couple more affirmations for when I need to calm down and when I need to get motivated: “I love Us, I love Us, I love Us, thank You, thank You, thank You”  and “I advance no matter what” and “I love to set and exceed smart goals”. Been working wonders for me this week.

Week Fourteen ~ The Perfect Challenge..

The journey of the last months have been preparing me for a new beginning. The perfect challenge, inside of this journey.

I am so excited, on the edge of my seat..I know something wonderful will happen each day!

Because I am venturing into new territory.  You see, I am an introvert.  Not exactly shy, I find great energy and satisfaction when I connect with others, however, I am an introvert.

My new journey is all about behaving like an extrovert!  Which is the reason I have never done this before!  So, I will depend on the Natural Universal Law of Supply and Demand, and the Natural Universal Law of Least Effort, to furnish the visions for me, to furnish the energy for me, to furnish the sincere love for me..I know that before I know it, I’ll be a natural!

Why am I so excited to take so many steps so far outside of my comfort zone? Because this is a big, giant challenge! And with every challenge we meet we gain advancement.  The greater the challenge, the greater the advancement!

The trick is to turn it this way and that and feel SINCERE, burning, in the core of our being, LOVE about it.  That is the Law.

Inspiration, hunches, just knowing…comes through fine tuning our humanly course conscious mind.  In other words “Learn to keep the door shut..to every element with no definite helpful end in view”.

This journey has grown a tremendous sense of adventure in me.  Who needs courage?  I know, I have faith, I am safely guided.

This journey has grown a sense of power in me.  It is really just Love manifesting..Ever since I was a child I’ve known, Love is the greatest power.

Wow, I’m embarking on a perfect challenge..inside the safety of this journey..

Week Thirteen ~ The Method..

These last weeks I have been, along with the rest of you,  forming my mental picture of my ideal and the person I am becoming.

Now I read in Part Thirteen that when we find certain persons who seem to possess unusual power we are apt to come to any of 3 different conclusions.

1.We say it just isn’t so.

2.We say they are the result of supernatural interference.

3.We say we are on forbidden ground and there are just some things we shouldn’t know.

But then we become acquainted with the creative power of thought which explains every possible condition or experience, physical, mental or spiritual. Then we learn the proper method of procedure. Give thought first. Enter the Silence( Seek ye first the kingdom of God), create a mental ideal and then project it into Universal Substance. Causes are then set in motion. Remember,  the finite does not inform the Infinite.

I know I have already experienced this to a degree, but that is not to say  I am not also well acquainted with the negative Law of  Rhythm. Think of how the stock market always goes up and down, the ocean tides go in and out. Everything goes up and down, back and forth. There is no escaping this Law.  Only transcending, only rising above this Law.  Controlling our thoughts on the regular day to day,  holding fast to a certain predominate mental attitude, constantly enlisting the pouring in of  Universal Life Energy, purposefully enlisting Our Father.

I can’t wait until the tremendous fact that my  “I” who thinks is the same in substance, quality and kind, differing only by degree and that my Creator could create nothing different from Himself. I can’t wait until this permeates my consciousness. That is when I come into an understanding of all the beauty, grandeur and opportunities which have been placed at my disposal…

Thank You, thank You, thank You..

Week Twelve- Common Sense…

Common sense is not so common.  The power of thought is common to all.

Our power to think is infinite, omnipotent with the power to draw upon the Infinite bank of “primary substance”.

Is this  “string theory”?  Subatomic particles that vibrate and rotate and take on different configurations?  All particles and forces  in Nature are different manifestations of the same object-  primary substance.

No wonder it’s not so hard to have faith.

Just adjust our thought faculties with the Universal Thought which is Omnipresent (common to us all).  That’s all.  Our ability to COOPERATE with this Omnipotence will indicate the degree of success with which we meet.  That’s all.

We are told there are many counterfeits to the power of thought.  Phenomena seekers and such, but for goodness sake, have some common sense!

The true power increases with use, is permanent, is a remedy for past mistakes, protects us from all manner and form of danger and is a creative force.

It is the LAW.  So we discern the absolute necessity every thought has the inherent germ of truth/good.  Love is invincible.

If we have a negative, complaining thought just say “thank You, another debt I paid, thank You, I could have paid far worse…”

And remember the Great Teacher said  “It is not I who doeth the work, but the Father in me..”.  Sounds like I can count on the Universal Father (common to us all) to meet any and every requirement including the work of controlling my thoughts for me, which after all is the real work….

Week Eleven-Whatsoever ye desire..

Wow, I can’t wait for what comes next!

So many wonderful changes in my home and family life which is the outgrowth of Subby after my physical body. Proof!

At first, this was hard because this is new and not the way of the world. With the progression of the course and everyday life came such a wonderful realization of Universal Natural Laws and such wonderful realization they make logical sense. Because I can understand them in a logical way and that I do have concrete evidence, it isn’t so hard to have faith.

Faith is the substance (the real physical matter of which a person or thing consists and which has a tangible, solid presence) of things hoped for, the evidence (that which tends to prove or disprove something; ground for belief;proof)  of things not seen. 

All that is require is an understanding of certain definite fundamental principals and their proper application and…whatsoever ye desire…