Week Fifteen ~ Invincible Power

Oh, I’m a believer.

Thoughts are things, they’re endowed with bodies, breath and wings.  Especially those which are clothed in words. Words which are uttered with vitality for sure.

No telling how soon or not words crystallize on the physical plane but since I know it, I see it happening everywhere. Do you not?

We certainly better not have a heated discussion and ask for something. That something  somehow will materialize.  So we better want it!

Haanel says “The subconscious cannot reason. It takes us at our word, we have asked..we are now to receive..we have made our bed…now lie in it; the die has been cast; the threads  (ie; string theory) will carry out the pattern we have made.”

Sounds pretty serious and now I am a believer in String Theory.  I’ve been observing it happening to others as well as myself. I’ve seen in hindsight as well as a design or two carried out, more than enough to make me know accuracy with words is the making or the breaking.

Saying our DMP aloud with vitality makes sense.  All the little pieces come together eventually, little by little. How exciting!

So we must apply determined, conscious effort to concentrate on Insight, to have that accuracy with words. That being said, I’ve come up with a couple more affirmations for when I need to calm down and when I need to get motivated: “I love Us, I love Us, I love Us, thank You, thank You, thank You”  and “I advance no matter what” and “I love to set and exceed smart goals”. Been working wonders for me this week.


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