Week Seventeen ~ Aha..

Sometimes when we have a significant “aha” (for lack of a better word) moment, we remember the date as if it were a significant event.

I have experienced 2 “aha’s” during this course, so far.

The first one was when my sit became transcendent, November 10. That was when all that was familiar to me shifted for ever more.

The second one was when I realized who I really was, January 17.

Let me explain. The Color Code Personality analysis I took at the beginning of our course seemed truly like me. I am someone who’s childhood is a distant hazy memory. I know my answers were quick without much deliberation since I often decide quickly, throwing caution to the wind since if I want to “I can always self correct”. I took that test with the intention of getting it done.

I had the opportunity to attend a Color Code webinar the week before this one and being a slow processor, my realization came after several nights sleep and morning Sits.

All that comes to us is for our good.  If we are thankful for even the smallest annoyances all the way to the scariest confrontations, thankful with the will if not the emotions, we advance. Counter intuitive for sure, it is not the way of the world.

Consciously fill ourselves with love and all we that require for our good comes to us. Concentrate on harmony and life harmonizes. That is why I received the opportunity, that is why I took the opportunity. That is how life is harmonizing and balancing…for the first time…effortlessly…

In the Silence, I deliver myself into the loving arms of Universal Mind.



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