Week Eighteen ~ what we inherently are..

The Law of Growth, the Law of  Compensation, the Law of Vibration, all Laws within the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is the Truth we live. It is observable in our environment.

All of this “thought” completely places responsibility for our environment on us and the difference in our individual lives is “largely measured by the degree of [Omnipotent Intelligence] we manifest” which gives the power to adjust ourselves to our environment.

What we inherently are is the wealth that we are. Affluence within, affluence without.  By now we know that isn’t a secret.

My 22 year old daughter came by tonight and took material home with her to study.  She has been observing and picking up things from me and sharing with her younger cousin. Now, she is taking her own responsibility to learn, taking responsibility for her own building to freedom, strength and happiness.

This is one of my dreams come true..thank You, thank You, thank You..


3 thoughts on “Week Eighteen ~ what we inherently are..

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