Week Twenty one ~ Life by The Great Law

Life,  Mind, Truth, Love, Spirit is All in All.  This is the Universal Mind.  Available to All who are willing to make the  conscious effort to connect to it.

The same Law governs always everything, everywhere, in the same way, from the greatest to the smallest.  Makes it simple, doesn’t it?

Everything vibrates.  Explains how our thoughts manifest whether we intend them to or not.

These three are the Laws of the Absolute.  The only ones Immutable.

Sometimes all we have to do is be an open channel for The Great Law to work through. Sometimes big changes happen  to accommodate Harmony .  Harmoniously people can gravitate in and gravitate out.  Sometimes things work out and we don’t even notice how until after.

What I do now, as I go through my days, is recognize that by The Great Law,  all that comes to me is for my good, what do I learn? Mine is an Inspired Life.  I just can not help it, I am so happy and so thankful.


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