Week Twenty-Two ~ Realizing Harmony

Spring follows winter, day follows night, the weeks and months never fail to come as expected.  Children get older, grand babies are born, divorces happen, marriages happen, funerals happen and it all happens over and over again.

The Great Law, immutable in midst of unceasing changes, immovable in midst of eternal motion.  We align with It or break ourselves against It.

I believe we exist to make the most of ourselves, to render our best to God and Humankind alike. That requires a rising above all that will happen anyway, and carry on with “right thinking” so that we get closer and closer to our perfect Higher Self. Cause and Effect is constantly happening since the same Law works everywhere all the time. Causes are invisible, effects are visible.

I believe I rest my will and be an open channel so that the will of my Higher Self, which is part of The One Eternal Soul be done.

All that comes to me is for my good. What do I learn? Thank You, thank You, thank You. Mine is an inspired life. I dare and do. I am harmonious.

Life is manifesting, life is unfolding… harmoniously.


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