Week Ten ~ I love me..I love You..

How are we to know the Law? By study, by observation.

“The great error of the present day is that Man has to originate the intelligence..” “Universal Mind can be depended on…” “We are simply individualized spirit…”

Indissolubly connected, manifesting all It’s Qualities and Powers, we are the image and likeness..

So I have continued singing, chanting, screaming “Thank You” out loud in private and in my head, whenever I catch myself with a negative thought. Only I hear..and The  Loving Universal Mind hears.  I feel so much more clarity..it came to me to add “I love me, I love You, I love me, I love You”.

Quick phrases because my mind can race…I have  to be faster and louder…

I believe one of the Natural Universal Laws is my harmonious relationship between myself and Subby. It MUST be a loving and respectful relationship.

As above so below, as below so above. As conscious so unconscious, as unconscious so conscious.


Ninth Week~ Growing my DMP..

This past week I visualized planting a bougainvillea in a giant planter on the back deck of my home.  On a tall railing so the vines had plenty of room to grow and trail gracefully down.

I made sure there could be no ants around and the soil in the planter had no aphids. I had a solution to spray to keep those lethal little bugs away. To make sure it only got the morning sun, I placed a round table with an umbrella to open to protect my plant from the intense afternoon Texas sun. I put a thick layer of moss on top of the soil to keep the moisture from evaporating but made sure the giant planter would drain well. I stuck little fertilizer sticks in the soil to make sure it got enough nutrients. I made sure to keep it protected and watered everyday. I gave thought and took actions to make sure the conditions were right.

Over time, the little seed became what Nature intended it to become.

Looking at the seed I couldn’t tell it from any other seed. I just saw the package said “Bougainvillea”  and trusted it.

So this beautiful, lush, graceful flowering plant exists to be beautiful, lush and graceful. It’s purpose is to inspire happy, positive feelings to any and all who see it. I bought it from the nursery but it was created from the Infinite Causeless Cause and consists of material from the Infinite Causeless Cause. It needed a human being for nothing but to give thought to it and plant it and take steps to protect it and nurture it. It grew perfectly, effortlessly, quietly.

So, it attracted me to buy it.

Is this about me? Or is this about that bougainvillea?

This is about my Purpose which is a thing unto itself. My DMP is from the Infinite Causeless Cause? It attracted me through my PPNs  since it needs a human being to give thought to it and take steps to nurture and protect it?

Wow. Give thought, take action, nurture and protect. That is my Natural human being self created by the Infinite Causeless Cause,  consisting of material from the Infinite Causeless Cause.

Eighth Week~ God is Love…

…and ALL who live in Love live in God and God in them.

1 John 4:16

A universal truth,  accepted by the masses.  Thought of,  pondered,  contemplated comparatively by a few.

I greet this day with love in my heart.  Everyday, 3 times a day.

Who are the lucky ones who have nothing  and no one to challenge that state of mind?  Who are the ones who have such lives where all they need is to read scroll 2, repeat 3 times a day for 30 days and everything is rosy, sparkling and glowing?

I love the darkness for it shows me the stars…..I endure sadness for it enlarges my heart….I welcome obstacles for they are my challenges…

So, thank you for darkness, thank you for sadness, thank you for obstacles! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The last few days I substituted “thank you” for any complaints or criticism,  sadness or annoyance.  I am the most grateful person I have ever known! I found myself singing “thank you, thank you” over and over to drown out my thoughts and at times screaming “thank you” …I cracked myself up…I may be on to something here…

Of course, no one heard those “thank yous” but me.

To love the lovable..what’s so great about that? To love the unlovable…why would I do that? Because that’s the transmutation..? A gift to myself..

I love the obstacles for they are my challenges, without which there will be no advancement.

So many opportunities for advancement!

My inner compass is clear to me, it points me in a direction which is so personal and so different. It is not the way of the world. It is not the familiar. It is not something to share and not get judgement.  Oh well, it’s MY Compass…


Seventh Week~And ye being rooted and grounded in love…

…may have power, together with all saints to comprehend what is the length,  width,  height and depth…

Ephesians 3:18

4 Dimensions..time?…spirit?

No, I am not a Biblical scholar and so not a theologian.  This just speaks to me.

What better way to live but being rooted and grounded in love?  The only way to truly live.  To train Subby this way,  Subby who is my link to the impersonal, invisible, spiritual Source and Origin of all Power…who is One with this Origin..same in kind and quality, differing by degree.

To visualize…to see in 3-D, to see in the spiritual, in time…

Woo hoo! I’m unbelievably happy! This is real! And why not? Be Love, give love, overload the virtues! Compensation baby!

So the last week and a half were a little hard to say the least but I stayed the course.  Chalk it up to finding the holes so I know were to grow.  The last few days have been beautiful. I am growing by ONLY connecting to  the Source of All Power like never before.

I find my sits to be richer and richer, and why not?  The Source and Origin is harmonious! I’m connecting with it! I feel harmonious like never before!

Mental Diet? I’m harmonious!

I’ve been crying from happiness…

Sixth Week~ My Mechanism…

In my melon.

My  “I” connects my mechanism to Universal Mind.

So my mechanism better be up to par!

I am just so excited about this  “alchemy”  changing  “base mental”  into gold! What a comfort to know all I experience is the result  of my thoughts and  beliefs. I am the center of my own circumstances and as I change so must my outer world!

Up until this past week my struggles were internal. But there were so many rewards. Giving and gratefully receiving has immediate rewards. Others are so happy to respond!

Then the past few days the struggles began to come from my outer world..I was asked to perform and pricked to respond in a way my old “blueprint” would have been fine with.  At the same time, about different things, by different  people. The real test.

So I would greet each day with love in my heart and find time to read that scroll over and over and over and even stole 5 minutes here and there to seek the silence. The force of “authority” of my  “will to be”.

My melon began to feel a dull ache and my shoulders and neck did too. Changing that neuronet isn’t always easy…this must be the growth that comes by shocks that Emerson speaks of…

Because I am experiencing an enlargement, the woman of today scarcely recognizes the woman of yesterday. And tomorrow will be the same and so will the next, as I renew my raiment day by day.

I know this week has marked an epoch. I will never be the same.

Fifth Week – The Real Real…

Yes, time to really get real.

Did I ever have any idea I was this opinionated?  Or judgmental?  No…news to me!

I’ve been on the 7 day mental diet before of course, thought I had it down. If that were so, I’d be very satisfied with the quality of my life, right?  So now,  I believe I will never think like  “I know everything” ever again!  What a giant omission from my personality or rather, my “mental home” that is!

Thank goodness!

So, the mental house cleaning I do is not without struggle, and I must remember to not condemn myself.. and the tears are just involuntary..

But I am gaining in strength!

Only principles endure & these I now possess..so every thought not based on love I now throw on the scrap pile! I refuse to have anything to do with it!

I make a solemn oath to myself..I think only of the best, work only for the best, expect only the best.

How necessary this is to detach from outcomes! What clarity this is!  What freedom this is!


Fourth Week- As Within…

As within, so without.

I first heard of this little maxim about a year ago, and then wondered why it had taken me so long  to discover it.  It isn’t something taught in school or any mainstream religion that I have ever been exposed to, however it has such a beautiful ring of truth.  Well, they say when the student is ready the teacher appears.

It is true that about a year ago I became able to have chunks of quiet time to myself and relax – so I became a searcher.

Now, a whole new world is being opened up to me, or rather is being recognized by me.  That “I” tell my body what to do and “I” tell my brain what to think! The world within! Which is the cause of the world without. Cause and  effect.

As within, so without.

Now, I know better than to complain or blame, because I am and have always been, the cause of everything in my world. Good or not, I am the cause! Knowing, knowing, knowing that it is Truth,  that it is Law, I need no other motivation to “form good habits and be their slave”! I need no there motivation to be the “vigilant watchman”, the “responsible ruler”.  I need no other motivation to seek the “silence”.  I need no other motivation to be a new woman with a new life!

For me, the sits or the “silence” have been crucial to my ability to be vigilant and responsible.  For instance, to be able to sit here and write a blog amidst chaos, I amaze myself that I can! I just amaze myself! I can be What I Will to be.

As within, so without.