Week Fourteen ~ The Perfect Challenge..

The journey of the last months have been preparing me for a new beginning. The perfect challenge, inside of this journey.

I am so excited, on the edge of my seat..I know something wonderful will happen each day!

Because I am venturing into new territory.  You see, I am an introvert.  Not exactly shy, I find great energy and satisfaction when I connect with others, however, I am an introvert.

My new journey is all about behaving like an extrovert!  Which is the reason I have never done this before!  So, I will depend on the Natural Universal Law of Supply and Demand, and the Natural Universal Law of Least Effort, to furnish the visions for me, to furnish the energy for me, to furnish the sincere love for me..I know that before I know it, I’ll be a natural!

Why am I so excited to take so many steps so far outside of my comfort zone? Because this is a big, giant challenge! And with every challenge we meet we gain advancement.  The greater the challenge, the greater the advancement!

The trick is to turn it this way and that and feel SINCERE, burning, in the core of our being, LOVE about it.  That is the Law.

Inspiration, hunches, just knowing…comes through fine tuning our humanly course conscious mind.  In other words “Learn to keep the door shut..to every element with no definite helpful end in view”.

This journey has grown a tremendous sense of adventure in me.  Who needs courage?  I know, I have faith, I am safely guided.

This journey has grown a sense of power in me.  It is really just Love manifesting..Ever since I was a child I’ve known, Love is the greatest power.

Wow, I’m embarking on a perfect challenge..inside the safety of this journey..


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