Week Thirteen ~ The Method..

These last weeks I have been, along with the rest of you,  forming my mental picture of my ideal and the person I am becoming.

Now I read in Part Thirteen that when we find certain persons who seem to possess unusual power we are apt to come to any of 3 different conclusions.

1.We say it just isn’t so.

2.We say they are the result of supernatural interference.

3.We say we are on forbidden ground and there are just some things we shouldn’t know.

But then we become acquainted with the creative power of thought which explains every possible condition or experience, physical, mental or spiritual. Then we learn the proper method of procedure. Give thought first. Enter the Silence( Seek ye first the kingdom of God), create a mental ideal and then project it into Universal Substance. Causes are then set in motion. Remember,  the finite does not inform the Infinite.

I know I have already experienced this to a degree, but that is not to say  I am not also well acquainted with the negative Law of  Rhythm. Think of how the stock market always goes up and down, the ocean tides go in and out. Everything goes up and down, back and forth. There is no escaping this Law.  Only transcending, only rising above this Law.  Controlling our thoughts on the regular day to day,  holding fast to a certain predominate mental attitude, constantly enlisting the pouring in of  Universal Life Energy, purposefully enlisting Our Father.

I can’t wait until the tremendous fact that my  “I” who thinks is the same in substance, quality and kind, differing only by degree and that my Creator could create nothing different from Himself. I can’t wait until this permeates my consciousness. That is when I come into an understanding of all the beauty, grandeur and opportunities which have been placed at my disposal…

Thank You, thank You, thank You..


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