Week Twelve- Common Sense…

Common sense is not so common.  The power of thought is common to all.

Our power to think is infinite, omnipotent with the power to draw upon the Infinite bank of “primary substance”.

Is this  “string theory”?  Subatomic particles that vibrate and rotate and take on different configurations?  All particles and forces  in Nature are different manifestations of the same object-  primary substance.

No wonder it’s not so hard to have faith.

Just adjust our thought faculties with the Universal Thought which is Omnipresent (common to us all).  That’s all.  Our ability to COOPERATE with this Omnipotence will indicate the degree of success with which we meet.  That’s all.

We are told there are many counterfeits to the power of thought.  Phenomena seekers and such, but for goodness sake, have some common sense!

The true power increases with use, is permanent, is a remedy for past mistakes, protects us from all manner and form of danger and is a creative force.

It is the LAW.  So we discern the absolute necessity every thought has the inherent germ of truth/good.  Love is invincible.

If we have a negative, complaining thought just say “thank You, another debt I paid, thank You, I could have paid far worse…”

And remember the Great Teacher said  “It is not I who doeth the work, but the Father in me..”.  Sounds like I can count on the Universal Father (common to us all) to meet any and every requirement including the work of controlling my thoughts for me, which after all is the real work….


4 thoughts on “Week Twelve- Common Sense…

  1. LorencrazycraigTaylo@masterkeycraig

    Hi, Ellen, Loren here — one of your five friendly MKE Blog Rovers, stopping by to read your latest; and to congratulate you for the awesome job you’re doing, consistently getting your blog post published on time, week after week! Regarding what you’ve written, I do believe your first name could just as easily been “Mary,” because this post has a distinctive spiritual flavor – one could almost call sacred. Taking another viewpoint, subsequent to placing the same Mary in front of your Ellen seems appropriate, too, because this post of yours really jams! I hope you can hear me – you got me a bit excited – and I’m YELLING!

    I Leave you with a question, “if you knew you couldn’t do it wrong, what would you do next?” Please, let me know if this question valuably resonates.


  2. josette millar

    When we have the knowledge and understand it, you are right that faith is not difficult to have. And thank you for this last powerful sentence in your post. it is helping me 🙂



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