Week Ten ~ I love me..I love You..

How are we to know the Law? By study, by observation.

“The great error of the present day is that Man has to originate the intelligence..” “Universal Mind can be depended on…” “We are simply individualized spirit…”

Indissolubly connected, manifesting all It’s Qualities and Powers, we are the image and likeness..

So I have continued singing, chanting, screaming “Thank You” out loud in private and in my head, whenever I catch myself with a negative thought. Only I hear..and The  Loving Universal Mind hears.  I feel so much more clarity..it came to me to add “I love me, I love You, I love me, I love You”.

Quick phrases because my mind can race…I have  to be faster and louder…

I believe one of the Natural Universal Laws is my harmonious relationship between myself and Subby. It MUST be a loving and respectful relationship.

As above so below, as below so above. As conscious so unconscious, as unconscious so conscious.


5 thoughts on “Week Ten ~ I love me..I love You..

  1. Juneta

    I know when not so charitable thoughts enter my head about others I have start chanting, I love you, I love you, I love you silently in my head until I no longer feel the to fuss and criticize or respond in kind. That is new this week but incredible that I thought it in those moments, Great post. Juneta’s MKE Blog


  2. josette millar

    So inspiring. thank you. I will use the THANK YOU when I have a negative thought. What a great idea instead of punishing ourselves, which makes it a double wammy! so, THANK YOU for the tip.

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