Ninth Week~ Growing my DMP..

This past week I visualized planting a bougainvillea in a giant planter on the back deck of my home.  On a tall railing so the vines had plenty of room to grow and trail gracefully down.

I made sure there could be no ants around and the soil in the planter had no aphids. I had a solution to spray to keep those lethal little bugs away. To make sure it only got the morning sun, I placed a round table with an umbrella to open to protect my plant from the intense afternoon Texas sun. I put a thick layer of moss on top of the soil to keep the moisture from evaporating but made sure the giant planter would drain well. I stuck little fertilizer sticks in the soil to make sure it got enough nutrients. I made sure to keep it protected and watered everyday. I gave thought and took actions to make sure the conditions were right.

Over time, the little seed became what Nature intended it to become.

Looking at the seed I couldn’t tell it from any other seed. I just saw the package said “Bougainvillea”  and trusted it.

So this beautiful, lush, graceful flowering plant exists to be beautiful, lush and graceful. It’s purpose is to inspire happy, positive feelings to any and all who see it. I bought it from the nursery but it was created from the Infinite Causeless Cause and consists of material from the Infinite Causeless Cause. It needed a human being for nothing but to give thought to it and plant it and take steps to protect it and nurture it. It grew perfectly, effortlessly, quietly.

So, it attracted me to buy it.

Is this about me? Or is this about that bougainvillea?

This is about my Purpose which is a thing unto itself. My DMP is from the Infinite Causeless Cause? It attracted me through my PPNs  since it needs a human being to give thought to it and take steps to nurture and protect it?

Wow. Give thought, take action, nurture and protect. That is my Natural human being self created by the Infinite Causeless Cause,  consisting of material from the Infinite Causeless Cause.


4 thoughts on “Ninth Week~ Growing my DMP..

  1. ellenbryant12345gmailcom Post author

    As I understand it we all exist in and make up the Universal Mind which exists in the Mind of the Causeless Cause which is Whom all things originate and to Whom all things ultimately return. I am still a student and don’t pretend to have all the answers, I expect to be a student the rest of my life..I love this.

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