Seventh Week~And ye being rooted and grounded in love…

…may have power, together with all saints to comprehend what is the length,  width,  height and depth…

Ephesians 3:18

4 Dimensions..time?…spirit?

No, I am not a Biblical scholar and so not a theologian.  This just speaks to me.

What better way to live but being rooted and grounded in love?  The only way to truly live.  To train Subby this way,  Subby who is my link to the impersonal, invisible, spiritual Source and Origin of all Power…who is One with this Origin..same in kind and quality, differing by degree.

To visualize…to see in 3-D, to see in the spiritual, in time…

Woo hoo! I’m unbelievably happy! This is real! And why not? Be Love, give love, overload the virtues! Compensation baby!

So the last week and a half were a little hard to say the least but I stayed the course.  Chalk it up to finding the holes so I know were to grow.  The last few days have been beautiful. I am growing by ONLY connecting to  the Source of All Power like never before.

I find my sits to be richer and richer, and why not?  The Source and Origin is harmonious! I’m connecting with it! I feel harmonious like never before!

Mental Diet? I’m harmonious!

I’ve been crying from happiness…


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