Fifth Week – The Real Real…

Yes, time to really get real.

Did I ever have any idea I was this opinionated?  Or judgmental?  No…news to me!

I’ve been on the 7 day mental diet before of course, thought I had it down. If that were so, I’d be very satisfied with the quality of my life, right?  So now,  I believe I will never think like  “I know everything” ever again!  What a giant omission from my personality or rather, my “mental home” that is!

Thank goodness!

So, the mental house cleaning I do is not without struggle, and I must remember to not condemn myself.. and the tears are just involuntary..

But I am gaining in strength!

Only principles endure & these I now every thought not based on love I now throw on the scrap pile! I refuse to have anything to do with it!

I make a solemn oath to myself..I think only of the best, work only for the best, expect only the best.

How necessary this is to detach from outcomes! What clarity this is!  What freedom this is!



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