Fourth Week- As Within…

As within, so without.

I first heard of this little maxim about a year ago, and then wondered why it had taken me so long  to discover it.  It isn’t something taught in school or any mainstream religion that I have ever been exposed to, however it has such a beautiful ring of truth.  Well, they say when the student is ready the teacher appears.

It is true that about a year ago I became able to have chunks of quiet time to myself and relax – so I became a searcher.

Now, a whole new world is being opened up to me, or rather is being recognized by me.  That “I” tell my body what to do and “I” tell my brain what to think! The world within! Which is the cause of the world without. Cause and  effect.

As within, so without.

Now, I know better than to complain or blame, because I am and have always been, the cause of everything in my world. Good or not, I am the cause! Knowing, knowing, knowing that it is Truth,  that it is Law, I need no other motivation to “form good habits and be their slave”! I need no there motivation to be the “vigilant watchman”, the “responsible ruler”.  I need no other motivation to seek the “silence”.  I need no other motivation to be a new woman with a new life!

For me, the sits or the “silence” have been crucial to my ability to be vigilant and responsible.  For instance, to be able to sit here and write a blog amidst chaos, I amaze myself that I can! I just amaze myself! I can be What I Will to be.

As within, so without.


4 thoughts on “Fourth Week- As Within…

  1. josette millar

    you got great awareness. I believe that finding who we are is a lifelong process. I don’t think it every stops. We get closer and closer. Each tool, each step making us clearer and closer to our source.


    1. ellenbryant12345gmailcom Post author

      Yes! What an absolute comfort it is knowing that we get clearer and closer! The same as our tools and exercises having an accumulative effect. I believe you are completely right, that it never stops, simply because we WILL never stop.


  2. cathysmasterkey

    I really like how you wrote that the whole new world is now being recognized by you. So many times we speak about doors opening and waiting for opportunities. The truth is that a world of abundance exists. Whether or not we see that depends on our perspective. Great job!

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