Third Week- An amazing gift..

So little by little the debris & cement is knocked off the Golden Buddha. What amazing and tremendous value in learning about our true selves.

Can we ever really, truly  know another until we do know ourselves?

Or maybe, the better we know ourselves, the better we know others.

Because I took the Color Code Personality Assessment, and it was eerily right on target for me, this past week three of my children also took the Color Code Personality Assessment. What fun we all had comparing notes about each other and ourselves! Absolutely miraculous that my kids would be interested in becoming “charactered”! I can only just be so happy and grateful that I came upon it now, as you all remember, it was something required to be scholorshipped into this course!

I am so tickled pink about that assessment test and my children’s responses, I can’t begin to tell you! My kids saw and compared similarities and differences, and understood that we are all born with particular strengths and limitations and our tolerance levels went way up! Also, our self esteems went way up! We will all be referring back to our results for the rest of our lives!

And even more than that, more than our own heightened self-awareness and awareness of each other, we are more aware and tolerant of the rest of the world. We are all practicing (and having fun doing it) communicating with people in a “way that reaches their heads and touches their hearts” as Markj likes to say.

What an amazing gift!


5 thoughts on “Third Week- An amazing gift..

  1. noellesuzannemasterkey

    Wow!!! I love this!!! I have three sons, young adults now. I hope to see one of them on Monday and have him take the assessment as well. What a fabulous idea. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Have a wonderful weekend Ellen.



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