Second Week – Realizing how immeasurably we are loved..

Amazing we have the power to  choose our destiny.

We are so loved by the Power Who Gives Us Life we already have all that we require, if we but only realize.

And oh,  perhaps that is the rub.

Which destiny will give us our ultimate happiness? And then, what to do to make it a reality?  Ah ha! That is why I’m here!  And that is what I am sharing on this journey.

So, I will knock the cement off the Golden Buddha.  And I will focus on the choosing of my destiny.  I will think of everything I love the most, and then idealize them. I will describe them  with details until I can see vivid pictures in my mind. I will write them and refine them, and refine them again, until I have a story. It is story I can depend on to bring to me ultimate happiness every single time I read it!  A beautiful picture of my ultimate happiness..that is the destiny of my choice.


4 thoughts on “Second Week – Realizing how immeasurably we are loved..

  1. josette millar

    Ellen, thank you for sharing your heart in your two blog posts. We are all going through the same thing. I love your process of describing what you love the most till you get vivid pictures in your mind. it is very inspiring. thank you. I learned this week that all is a wonderful process and will continue to evolve. I’m not sure that we ever get to the ‘ultimate happiness’ because it is constantly in motion and we constantly change. However, I like the words ‘ultimate happiness’. I had never thought of happiness being ultimate. So, it raised some thoughts. I’m sure I’ll explore the idea. Wishing you a wonderful week and more and more clarity in seeing the vivid pictures!


  2. cathysmasterkey

    I love that you describe destiny as a choice, and you emphasize that it is your choice. You are absolutely right. We are in control of our life. We chose our feelings, our perspectives, our actions…life as we know it is a result of our past decisions and thoughts. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your blogs with us. I look forward to reading your next one.



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