First Week – And the Journey Begins..

To stretch, to step out of one’s comfort zone can be exhilarating, not to mention paralyzing. It helps to know I’m not the only one (even though I suspect I might be in the minority).   Why would one bother? Because she lives in  the faith that the world is on her side so long as she is true to the best that is within her.  So, she bothers for the chance to have better within herself. For those she loves.  Love is the real motivator. So yes,  this is a journey of self discovery and also self development, because she also loves herself.

But I am not taking this journey by myself. I have teachers and a guide and I am held accountable. That is the stretching part for me. To be held accountable(by teachers). Which is the reason I am writing this blog.  And my loved ones?  Yes, they are also watching and I am also accountable to them.


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